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Order Discipline of the Secret

Christ said, “The Secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you.”

What is this secret?

The early church bishop St. Basil spoke of “the silent and mystical tradition…the unpublic and ineffable teaching,” of the early Christians. Similarly, the apostle Paul spoke of giving the “little ones in Christ, milk to drink, not meat.” This unpublic and ineffable instruction of the early Christians was the “meat” of Christianity, now lost to our modern age. Christianity, subject to persecution in its earliest days and acquiescent in its old age, has left nothing but a mediocre shell of what was truly a core discipline of monumental transformative power. This power, kept secret because of its sanctity, was hidden from the masses and lost but to a select few over the centuries. Christ said, “Many are invited, but few are chosen.” Are you?

In this book, illumination is given to the mysteries of early Christianity, the mystical experiences of the saints and the teachings of Christ. Also evidenced is a novel understanding of the Holy Spirit and its role as the powerful, possessing medium of communication between God and man.

The author notes, “The Holy Spirit is a tangible power experienced in the physiology of our body. It is not an idea, concept or belief, but a genuine transformative agent shaping our nervous system by a force not yet understood by science. It is the power by which we experience God in our body, which then may direct us, comfort us and reconcile us to His nature. In emptying our cup of human nature, we invite in the divine nature to fill us.”

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