At age 17, my mind and body experienced an energetic awakening that, at first, was quite bewildering yet powerfully transformative. My mind had been racked by questions about life, its meaning, death and God. I started to examine life, to question it. Born within was a passionate desire to understand the world and its mysteries.

Soon thereafter I discovered that the energy I was experiencing in my body had been identified in the East as prana or kundalini.  It is a physical sensation, experienced as an electrical current that courses through the body at a vibratory rate.  It brings with it a restorative, enlightening and fire-like bliss.

Two decades later, following much experience and research, I wrote a book that describes this energy as it appears in the Christian tradition, identified as the Holy Spirit and largely misunderstood in modern Christian practice.

While my book follows the process of Awakening according to a Christian theme, the subject of enlightenment touches upon many cultures and periods and they are collectively discussed in the content of this blog.  In addition, I also offer some of my own personal experiences, having lived with this energy for a quarter-century now.

It is my hope that in sharing this information and my experiences you may be prompted and inspired to discover the power and grace that is accessible to you, here and now.

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