As I sink deeply into meditation, empty of life’s content and at the threshold of death, my heart and breath seem to cease and yet I am alive with the light of love. I have dis-integrated my body, that house we adopt here on earth for a time. I touch what is beyond and have communed there with those others who embrace this love and live within it. What I first perceived to be the tomb of death is yet also the womb that gives all life. In emptying myself of fear and desire I find that I no longer live, but Exist.

As I inhabit both worlds I must now re-integrate, to learn to descend the ladder and walk with new eyes. What will be next? How will it go to be among the living dead?

I share these words only in the hope that you may also come to discover the place we call Earth is but a dim reflection, a crude portrayal of the vibrant light from which our world emanates. I can only offer words, but to experience this directly is to know, and this is something each soul must remember…not seek.

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