In December 2017 I was laying prone on my stomach, taking a moment to relax when suddenly a refined energy (more subtle than the typical electric-like current of kundalini) poured its way into my body, up through my feet and all the way to my crown (not beginning at the base of the spine as is typical of kundalini). While radiating in my head it formed an incredibly subtle and vaporous-like sensation at the back of my skull at the posterior fontanelle. This wisp-like energy exited my head and spiraled carefully above it to form a tangible semi-circular support which then grew like a pulse to form a circular disc above my head. The energy was (physically) tangible, not dissimilar to what amputees describe as a phantom limb sensation. This distinct energy, as it made its way through my body, felt as though it were disembodied, hovering one or two inches beyond my posterior. While kundalini is experienced within the confines of the body, sometimes radiating perceptibly out of the head, heart or solar plexus, this refined energy feels more disembodied, as though nested partly within and partly outside the physical boundary of the flesh.  Since this event, it continues to be experienced in this way.

After this unexpected event I was grateful yet bewildered. I wondered:  Is there such a thing as chakras that exist outside the physical body?  I had never heard of such a thing. However, following some research I discovered what have been described as the ‘transpersonal chakras’ in modern New Age jargon. The sensation at my fontanelle is what is described as the Causal chakra and in the Eastern Tantric tradition it is identified as the lesser known Bindu chakra. Contemporary New Age concepts suggest also an Earth Star chakra believed to exist below the feet and while I did not perceptibly “feel” anything below my feet I have found it interesting that this subtler energy begins its ascent from below the feet and upward rather than beginning at the base of the spine as is typical of kundalini.

The orb which formed above my head was the most fascinating part.  In previous months I had experienced this vapor-like energetic sensation at my fontanelle, at times, seeking to exit my skull by means of what felt to be a thin, spiraling thread. However, the formation of this pulsing disc was utterly new, surreal and amazing.  New Age circles describe this as the Soul Star chakra.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find anyone’s personal description regarding the activation or experience of this chakra.  I only found recycled descriptions on what its presumed function is.  There were also several sites attempting to sell ‘activations,’ ‘healings,’ ‘crystals,’ or ‘visualization exercises’ purporting to open or allow for an experience of this chakra.  However, I am incredibly skeptical of these marketing ploys. The unconditional state required to access this experience requires a total emptiness and surrender that goes beyond time-and-space in order to touch it (see my post regarding the ‘threshold’ or ‘gate’ which ‘guards’ it). No one can do this work for you, as one must take responsibility and realize it with one’s own merit.

After exploring descriptions I found concerning the Soul Star chakra, there are a few points I believe hold validity on account of my own experience of it.  That is, it represents Source and the divine light from which our souls descend to incarnate on Earth. It also appears to require a complete remembrance of one’s true nature or the ‘you’ that is free from human conditioning and experience. Fear and desire cannot exist here. One’s “sense of self” must be completely vanquished. There is only pure love here. Lastly, there appears also the possibility to open up ‘psychic’ gifts that were not previously experienced.

I wish also to note that the idea of transpersonal chakras seems to be accepted as a new spiritual phenomenon.  However, the historical record appears to indicate that others were aware of this energetic system, in particular the Egyptians.

In Egypt, the Soul Star appears as a red orb or disc nested atop the head of deities (most frequently, Isis, Osiris, Re [Horus] and Sekhmet) or divinely anointed rulers. The orb is often flanked by a serpent or spiraling bull horns. On the traditional caduceus we see this as the top-most orb, flanked by extended wings (giving the soul flight into ‘otherworldly realms’), sometimes also depicted independently in Egyptian art and also featured widely elsewhere in other early cultures.

It is my impression that once we are able to ascend or take our consciousness with us into realms beyond our dimensional concept of time-and-space, we may there explore new realms or sentient beings capable of doing the same.  In essence, I trust our ascent through the “gate” and into higher dimensions permits us to communicate with other multidimensional beings (once called “gods”).  An explicit example of this interaction is found during the pharaoh Akhenaten’s eccentric reign in which the god Aten was chiefly edified, frequently depicted as the “solar” Orb (Soul Star), with arms extended downward offering blessings upon the pharaoh and his family.

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