In a previous post I discussed an experience involving the Causal or Bindu chakra. For months I had been identifying an experience of this chakra as part of the Crown chakra until I inadvertently discovered descriptions of it through my research.

Typically, I experience the vibratory energy pulsing through-and-around my brain in the space where my head resides.  When I speak of energy, I mean it literally, being a tangible, blissful electric-like current.  I note this because I believe the idea of “energy” and “vibrations” is often misunderstood in New Age circles. The sensations are not imagined but are just as real as if one were touching one’s own skin.

What distinguishes an experience of the Causal or Bindu chakra from the Crown is its subtlety and simplicity. When one is steeped in meditation and all is quiet and still, if experienced, it can be easy to allow the rush of kundalini energy to ignite the whole of one’s body, bringing great bliss and ecstasy.  However, to experience the Bindu requires an even greater patience and discipline.  If one elects to restrain oneself, something more subtle can be perceived.  One will find a finer energy gently collecting itself at the posterior fontanelle of the skull.  It buzzes gently like a misty energetic vapor.

During this state there is a total emptiness. The mind has ceased, the body has become so relaxed it is forgotten and there is no visualization or imagination present.  There is only pure being.  The fears and desires of the ‘self’ cannot exist here in order to recognize this subtle energy.  There is also no conscious control of the breath, as it will naturally become shallow to the point of ceasing.

When this state is reached, it is like a Gate.  We might recall here the Taittireeya Upanishad which states: “Where the skull divides there lies the Gate of God.”

This Gate is the point from which time-and-space begin and to pass through it is to venture into unconditional being and love.  I would describe the experience to be like passing through the eye of a needle.  A narrow gate is the perfect metaphor for touching the subtlety of this space.  The state of surrender required is so deep, so profound, it is absolutely sacrificial and one gathers the sense one must be willing to die for love in order to pass through it.  All obligation to any earthly life must be released.

I should note here the adequate description of this “gate” by physiologist and spiritual explorer, Dr. Donald DeGracia, whom describes the Bindu chakra as a type of “harmonic transition (of consciousness) or a quantum jump” reduced analogously to the concept of a “gate” or “doorway,” (called the Brahma-Dvara in the East, whose vibratory increases are defined carefully within antique Tantric texts).

It is through this Gate that one may perceptibly bring consciousness beyond the density of our Earthbound time-space continuum.  To go “there” one must pass the point from which earthly duality and separation begins, for it is in passing through this point that duality no longer exists as we understand it.  There is a mystery here that sheds light on the themes and practices of ancient mystery schools, but I refrain from expounding upon it as it remains too personal to discuss and is additionally something one must realize on one’s own.

In passing through this Gate there is also something to be said on the subject of magic, which is a technology naturally realized by those who are ‘awakened’ or ‘ascending.’  In the proper use of magic, we learn to release fears in order to access the realization of our earthly desires.  However, this finer energy brings with it a higher magic which excludes any participation of ‘self,’ for it is lacking in any desire other than the desire to let go of everything, reach the threshold, and travel beyond the manifest world as we understand it.  Here is reached a higher purpose, a higher truth, a higher power.

I die daily and empty my cup that it may be filled by the light of Source.  For in making my ways the ways of the divine, it will naturally follow my highest good and my greatest purpose.

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