In the midnight-to-morning hours of January 31 2018’s full moon, I experienced an event unlike any other during my meditation. Just when I thought the energy I had been experiencing couldn’t become any more intense than it already had, it did.

As I settled into meditation I vanquished my ‘self’ and gradually began to experience the subtle energetic tingling at the Gate.  I received a word here:

“It matters not what is on earth, it matters only what is beyond this Gate, the map, plans and arrangements of the divine.”

Laying on my stomach I experienced the finer energies proceed from the bottom of my feet to the crown of my head.  It traveled up the right masculine side of my body, as has happened on previous occasions.  This experience recalls the genesis of the coarser kundalini process in which the energies would sometimes emerge on one side of the body or the other until finally harmonizing together along the back.  In this case, the left, feminine hemisphere does not ‘go online’ unless I call it in to ignite it.  This phenomenon has nothing to do with the breath as it would with the ida and pingala of kundalini, where an air passage might physically be blocked by mucus, therefore delaying the manifestation of this energy on one side or the other.  To be certain, I tested this on each occasion that I’ve encountered this finer energy.

When the refined feminine energy arrives, and my whole body is alight, I then pass through the Gate and go beyond (what visibly appears on the picture screen of my mind’s eye to be outerspace).  During this experience, I saw energy and the patterns of that energy.  It was impressed upon me that when one looks to nature and the created world, what pleases one’s senses the most is symmetry.  In fact, perfect symmetry!  One cannot cleave a circle and square and align them with success, for it is ugly and does not harmonize.  One can only take two of the same kind and merge them into perfect harmony.  For harmony is beauty and beauty is Love.  So it is by design that I call-in this feminine energy to unlock the Gate to higher mysteries…to give impetus to a vehicle of unearthly light intended to traverse beyond the duality of what we understand time-and-space to be.

The energy I experienced during this state was so incredibly refined.  It swelled further out of my heart like an expansive field.  It danced all over my body, as though its aim was to ‘upgrade’ or transform me wholly into its own light.  The Love experienced was overwhelming and beautiful beyond mere human words.  It was a love without condition, so pure and so powerful I perceive that an experience of it might only occur in a body prepared to handle it, as its intensity felt as though it would utterly destroy the psycho-physiology of the average human.  I saw pure light, as though hidden behind it were the face of God.  The experience was so strong I felt it difficult to care too much about anything on earth for several weeks thereafter.

There was a new heat experienced during this event, not dissimilar from the heat experienced when kundalini first courses its way through the base energy centers of the body.  This new heat was clearing what I perceived to be chakras behind my heart, along my upper back. They burned-up in unison like wheels of fire, making me sweat as though with fever and purging me wholly.  The result of this experience was absolutely tranquilizing.  I thought these wheels were burning so that I might sprout wings and be taken to the heavens altogether.  For it felt as though I would evaporate entirely into the light of this burning love, leaving earth forever.

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