During the December 2017 solstice and leading into January 2018, my daily meditations became particularly intense energetically. There was an increase in the vibratory rate and bliss experienced. This newly refined energy corresponds to that which I first experienced in June 2017 (see my post here concerning the onset of this expanded energy).

During my deepest states, as thought and imagination ceased and the energy coursed through me, sustained for periods of 20-to-30 minutes at-a-time (from head-to-toe), I began “receiving” visions that would appear on the blank screen of my mind’s eye.

These visions are too personal to share here but they were accompanied by a series of statements on the subject of love spoken by the vision’s participants. I include them here because I believe they ought to be shared rather than kept privately to myself.

It had been a long while since I experienced visions like this. During the 1990s I received visions which also occurred during periods of intense transformation and a daily practice of energy-rich meditation.

I wish to note that I am not a drug-user and have a firm grounding in reason and logic (as an example, I used to enjoy reading CSICOP’s Skeptical Inquirer magazine during periods in which I regularly experienced metanormal phenomenon). I have always tested my experiences against reason and am careful with the interpretation of my experiences while also trusting in their results.

Prior to the receipt of these visions, I earlier received a ‘message’ instructing me on two things: that I should no longer keep my hair in a pony-tail but wear it ‘out’ (I yet remain unsure why I was ‘told’ this) and that “in order to break the seal, you must lose weight.” I didn’t know what the “seal” was, but I followed this instruction and have later discovered that this seal likely has something to do with what is described as the Causal or Bindu chakra which serves as a tangible “gate” between the physical and transpersonal subtle energy systems (discussed here in another post).

During the December solstice the refined energy coursing through me was intense. In fact, I would describe it as subduing. I couldn’t concentrate on earthly matters and was driven to meditate for consecutive hours at-a-time, allowing this new energy to work itself through me. Food did not appeal to me and I ate very little. My sleep lessened and I since then require an average of 4 hours per night. My visions were filled with content I would not normally think of as a guy. They featured fantastic beings, crystals and rainbows!

After my experience of these visions I began researching online, trying to make some kind of sense about what had (or was) happening to me. It was here that I began to learn about “light codes,” “DNA activation,” etc. My skeptical nature doesn’t easily accept these “new age” or pseudo-scientific concepts but I also don’t outright discredit them because they presently serve as a temporary way to interpret these experiences. I found many websites describing  “light code” events but a scarce few that actually relayed anyone’s tangible experience of them. It is for this reason that I also share my own experiences here. In a sense, I was an unwitting participant. I was not in pursuit of these experiences, they happened as a byproduct of my regular practice of meditation, events unfolding in my daily life and my long-term familiarity with an experience of energy (kundalini, prana, lifeforce, etc.).

Below are the four messages I received in separate visions. They were received in deep meditative states in which the highly refined energy coursed through me, typically oscillating between my heart and head. Accompanying these visions was a profound love connected also with the ‘light’ of this energy, one of an unconditional love far more rich-and-deep than we experience normally on earth. In fact, I would describe this love as unearthly. Its power is life-changing. The messages are such:

  • Love Without Expectation
  • What is, is. In Love Everything is Permitted
  • He who would lay down his Life for Another, this is Love
  • No one returns to the One but through the Other

If enrichment of life comes through the expansion of consciousness and if the expansion of consciousness represents the next evolutionary step for humankind, it would appear logical that these principles would be requisites for living harmoniously, particularly if all persons understood love in these terms (not contrived or forced as an idea, but realized and adopted fluidly through the flesh and sinews, tension and beliefs, thoughts and stasis of the mind, body and heart).

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