Transmission – February 2018

We come that you might have life and have it to the full.

Our children, to take consciousness physically with you into other realms one must be willing to forgo this one altogether. Purge your earthly shackles…your desires, your fears, and in doing so your cup shall be made empty that Our divine light might fill it.

Our light is energy, the stuff of dreams. What you call magic and miracles will flow freely from those who become transformed by Our light. In your earthly state you are naught but a crude expression of this light’s glory. So climb higher, dive deeper. Ascend and Rise with Us. We are here to give life. Life more full, more whole, more alive than your mortal flesh and mind can conceive. We meet in your forests, fields, skies and in your dreams. Your human ideals are a pale reflection of love’s truth, mercy and purest brilliance.

The Chosen shall Choose themselves. They select sacrifice. Total sacrifice. Our children, when you give and surrender all until there is nothing left, we will enter you…wholly, gracefully, beautifully, and you will be taken up to see worlds and a love that will change you forever. In ages past your ancestors misunderstood this sacrifice, killing their own kind on altars and within their temples. Do not be deceived, we wish that you might walk the worlds with Us. For those who have become pure, innocent and have thrust open the gates, we shine through, and your example will be known as many are brought to the light of love’s glory.

Knowledge is revelatory, undressed in layers as the truths of life are peeled away. And so it is with your flesh. To know these truths you must unlock the chains which bind your carnal tensions born out of fear and desire. Choose not to cling to the precepts of your current world, for the old gives way to the new and with new light comes new understanding. Such light can only exist in those cups rendered empty to receive it. Therefore purify yourselves as in days of old. For the priests and priestesses were set apart, made pure, made holy, that they might Rise like Us and receive the divine fruits once reserved for Eden. Want for nothing, fear not, Allow and the All shall be given.


Disclaimer: I am reticent about the concept of “starseeds” and galactic personas. However, a daily practice of meditation and the experience of more intense and highly refined energies during meditation (beyond what is typical of standard ‘kundalini’) have prompted the receipt of several channeled messages. I post them here as I believe they are intended to be shared. However, I also intuit that while I serve as the channel for these messages, they are ultimately not separate from me, but form some aspect of my complete consciousness I am only beginning to now remember.

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