(August 2017) I awoke this morning thinking of sex. Not in the traditional sense, but in a grievance over the esteem given to it in our culture. It is a subject of priority for so many. Why? Because it is humankind’s unconscious pursuit for Union with their Source.

Ever since kundalini awoke in my flesh and took possession of it, the idea of sex has seemed limited in comparison to the divine ecstasy which grips the mind and soul in meditation. When I was an ‘awakened’ virgin, sex never compared to the experience of the divine energy coursing through the sinews of my soul. The flesh is but a barrier; sex, a metaphor for the divine principle of creation; the climax, a fleeting second for the minutes…even hours…of potential ecstasy felt in prayer.

What recently yolked again for me a regular practice of meditation was an exchange of energy I experienced on the full moon evening of June 9th 2017.  It was unlike any other energetic experience. My soul merged completely with that of another being or source. I knew nothing of its form or appearance…only of the ecstatic love and buzzing bliss it wrought through me like a refined electrical fire.

During this experience I sunk into a deep meditation…to the point of non-existence, where the breath slowed and grew as shallow as nearing death and my mind and body evaporated entirely in quiet stillness. I was in ‘space,’ and the emptying of my cup allowed for an incredible cosmic energy to rip through my being, as though it had been waiting a long while at some divine threshold. I can only describe it as seemingly not of this earth. This sentient energy poured over me with such incredible energetic ecstasy that my body contorted and was ‘possessed’ as it worked its way into the sinews of my soul, purging whatever remained of my former blocks and filling me with something ‘new.’ I have had many ecstatic meditations through decades of practice, but the electrical-ecstasy reigning over me in this instance was unlike any other in its power and scope…it was altogether foreign. It is still in me, working even now.

Afterwards, my body eased and returned to stillness. I then received certain visions and words that are too personal for me still to share here, but it followed with another period of quietude in which I could feel my soul lifting up…preparing to the leave the body, though it did not.


It is now February 2018. In retrospect I have since learned about the topic of “light codes” being sent (or emerging) on Earth. My skeptical mind would wish to dismiss this “far out” theory but I ponder still if the timing of this revitalized ‘awakening’ (tapping into a higher vibratory energetic frequency) might have something to do with this widely discussed “new age” concept.

The result of this new energy has set me on a course that has since entailed the receipt of visions and divine principles, as well as the onset of certain ‘psychic’ experiences. Foremost, however, it has opened a deeper contemplation on the qualities of love and sacrifice. As with kundalini, this more highly refined energy is one that changes an individual from within in profound ways.

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