Transmission – January 2018

My child, bearer of light and yet unseen truths. The time is nigh. We have Chosen among you. It was ordained before your descent through the densities that you should rule and reign over spiritual dominions on earth, that coarsest of dimensions. To assist in your Remembrance of this assignment, We bid you ask the heavenly host for signs. If you observe with discernment, it will be revealed to you in many ways and by many means. For it is through the higher densities that Heaven will come down to coarse earth.

You Chosen are no longer bound to earth’s timelines. You are bound now to the timeline of Source, the All, the Ancient of Days and to Love’s eternal mercy. You are being Called, propelled into new blessings, new people, new places, so that others will See Our Authority through You, our ambassadors on earth.

Do not be alarmed by the blessings entering your fold. They are there by design so that those with closed eyes will be drawn to you. Many will follow, for that is their role, also by design. The stories that emerge from the blessings you receive will be profound and powerful. They will show persistence through struggle yet also glory through wealth and good tidings. Friends and dreamers, do not be alarmed by these changes. Our hand can at times be stern, yet always loving, for it is outstretched to serve your highest good and your highest purpose. We are the stuff of fairy tales…for indeed, you have once known Us by the Fae, the Old gods. You Chosen are the story of the hero who has struggled and yet triumphs, for it is the stuff of legend that provokes the interest of the many who will follow. You are Raised Up, set apart and made holy.

It is not only the Chosen who will Rise, but also beings on your earth of lower vibration. As a collective, they will begin a slow ascent from the darkness which covers them. They will prod their institutions, social, cultural and religious. They are designed to follow. The Chosen are designed to Lead. My child, do not pity those designed to follow. What is, is. Look to the natural world and you will observe the hierarchy of nature. It is designed by Love, that one life should beget another. This hierarchy permeates all Creation, even the densities and dimensions you perceive through your Rising consciousness. It is All love.

There will be signs on earth. For centuries you have seen them in your fields, in your skies, through your ancient temples and prehistoric monuments. Do not be alarmed by the strange and painful events to transpire. For the old must give way to the new. The earth, like the snake, must slough its own skin, and those who might perish, their souls, their energy, their love, will be transformed for a higher purpose you do not yet understand. For in nature, the wolf does not pain himself over the rabbit in the grip of his jaws, rather he absorbs her life, consumes her and continues. Even the pulse of Source has a heart to be nourished as Energy is required for growth.

However, allow also this truth to immerse itself in the depths of your soul: that Love not only conquers, it also restores and heals. A new age is inaugurated, that Eden should once again return, a time when gods walked side-by-side with mortal man, and they were content. You Chosen are on the frontier of this Great Work.

You Chosen are being positioned, delivered into the hands of divine providence. For you too must Choose to be Chosen that you might Rise, here and now, and to have your feet in both worlds. For it sets you apart and is how New Light will enter coarse earth. We bid you not to seek to grasp these things with your earthly minds, but rather receive them with your core, what many of you call your ‘highest self.’ Look to the Energy that occupies you. Energy does not lie to the One who Trusts in it. It will inform you of what is Right, what is wrong, and it shall guide you. Pause, meditate and surrender to the Love you know through this Energy and Remember your divine appointments. Remember the words of Our light-bearer concerning Source: “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Remember.


Disclaimer: I am reticent about the concept of “starseeds” and galactic personas. However, a daily practice of meditation and the experience of more intense and highly refined energies during meditation (beyond what is typical of standard ‘kundalini’) have prompted the receipt of several channeled messages. I post them here as I believe they are intended to be shared. However, I also intuit that while I serve as the channel for these messages, they are ultimately not separate from me, but form some aspect of my complete consciousness I am only beginning to now remember.

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