Why did Christ say, “The Kingdom of God is within you?”

Christ is observed on several occasions to have sought quiet and solitude in prayer. Why is this?

The reason for this is that proper prayer involves focused concentration. When we concentrate our awareness out of the impermanent and conditional world and draw it inward we are concentrating our awareness into the nervous system.

This process requires discipline, and it is a disciplined nervous system that Christ refers to as “The Kingdom of God.” A disciplined nervous system is one that does not behave errantly, but is cultured to an unconditional state which then allows the presence of God’s unconditional grace to arise therein.

Christ referred to this process of discipline in his parable of the sower, noting that those who succumb to “worry, desire, and deceit,” do not receive the kingdom, these being traits of an undisciplined nervous system.

In the Bible, the nervous system is symbolized as the Tree of Life. Its trunk and pillar is the spine and its branches are the nerves that communicate our experience of the “outer” world to our “inner” world.

The nervous system, appearing like a tree, is the conduit through which we experience life. This is a symbol of importance overlooked by contemporary Christians.

Consider for a moment how an abstract being like God would select to interact with human beings. Would it not be in some abstract and universally accessible way that transcends the barriers of language and written word? Would God be so reckless as to rely exclusively on a book, the Bible, to teach human beings about Him? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to place access to Him directly in the bodies of each living human being?

A book can provide information but it does not do the work required to change one’s nature. What better way to change and guide human behavior than through a transformation of the control system that guides him…the birthplace of perception, thought and emotions…the nervous system!

The disciplined nervous system is one capable of experiencing God in our body. Where best to bring tranquility to man than through the control system designed to guide him…the Kingdom of God within?

In my book, “The Discipline of the Secret,” learn how this is not just a possibility, but a real experience to be realized.

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