There is a subject that is given little attention in the churches of our modern age or even in contemporary theological circles, save for those of the Eastern Orthodoxy who herald this subject as the prime aim of the Christian life. This subject is that of theosis.

Athanasius, the saint credited with compiling the first known version of what today is our modern Bible, once wrote, “God became man so that man may become God.” This is the essence of theosis, also understood as the divinization of man.

Theosis involves the reconciling of man’s nature to God’s nature, by way of God’s grace. The agent of this transformative undertaking is the Holy Spirit, being the medium through which God renders man into a new being.

I speak of this process not in terms of this as an “idea” but rather an authentic, observable and verifiable transformation of man’s nature on both a psychological and physiological level.  A mediocre confession of belief in the Holy Spirit does nothing to change a man. What I note here is a real power that can be identified and experienced…a power great enough to re-shape and re-build a man into the likeness of God himself, thus restoring him to his original nature, as in Eden!

Some may find such topic heretical, however, theosis was a subject esteemed highly among the early fathers of Christianity. It allows the revealing of God’s nature that is built into man, as it is said we are made in His image.

Theosis is a process that will challenge your entire understanding of reality and the power of the Holy Spirit, as an authentic transformative agent, will humble you with its ecstatic yet persuasive force!

Many wonder how theosis can be realized and what practices are required to accomplish genuine reconciliation.

In my book, “The Discipline of the Secret,” the process of theosis is shown through a series of revelations that have much to do with identity and how man erroneously identifies with life’s content, and in so doing, misses the content of God’s grace that is perpetually accessible to him.

One thought on “Theosis and the Divinization of Man

  1. …you may or may not be familiar with Gurdjieff’s teaching of ‘the Fourth Way’ which,if followed,leads one to spiritual as well as psychological transformation and is rooted in the earliest of eastern Orthodoxy.

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