The name, Israel, literally means to contend or struggle with God.

The story of God and His chosen people is indeed a story of struggle. It is a story of reconciling the created man with the creator God. It’s about submitting and bringing into agreement and allowance, the nature of man with the divine nature that exists in man.

The beauty of submission is that it indicates a state of openness. By no means does this imply weakness, but rather strength, as it requires discipline to establish a humble character.

God does not ask man to submit in order to gloat over him, but rather insists upon it because it is man’s best device for solving all his problems.

All of your experiences and beliefs are recorded in the tensions of your body. Without submission, man is tense, discontent, uneasy and is consumed with the conditional world. However, it is when tension is gone that true learning may occur and man is most vulnerable to change. What better opportunity for God to impart His wisdom and guidance upon man than when he is at his most open and receptive state?

Through the challenges of submission, who you believe you are is stripped away and your true nature is revealed…that is, the residence of God within you.

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