The average human being is nothing but a bundle of undisciplined and nervous reactions. This is why there is need and call for discipleship.  That is, discipline.

By recognizing, through discipline, the authentic use for the tools we are given in life, we may cease carrying our identity, our sense of self, in these tools and instead recognize our identity in God.  These so-called tools are the body, mind, emotions, behavior and belief.

The authentic use of these tools are as follows:

The body is the conduit through which you sense your experience.  It is not you. To believe you are your body is like believing the vehicle you drive is you.

The mind is a tool used to categorize your experience.  It is not you. The mind is voraciously abused by human beings who often allow thought to run aimlessly and nervously when it ought be used only when needed and required. To believe you are your mind is to equate identity with thought.

Emotion communicates a course of action through an experience of pleasure or pain.  It is not you.

Behavior is the resource used for navigating and adapting to the conditions of experience. It is not you.

Belief is the result of consistent or trained experience.  It is not you.

There are numerous ways human beings attach their identity to these tools. However, once these tools are realized to be just that…tools…We may then recognize our identity rests beyond the impermanence and illusions they represent and instead realize and abide in the powerful and eternal God.

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